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For anyone, one’s employment is a fundamental part of their identity and an integral part of their day to day lives. When the employment relationship ends abruptly it causes significant stress and anxiety and raises many questions. Read more.

While couples who marry generally do so for love and plan to have their relationship last for a lifetime, it is important to always be ready for unexpected contingencies. Read more.

Despite public awareness campaigns, impaired driving continues to cause death and injury on Newfoundland and Labrador roads. Every year, more than 700 drinking and driving convictions are recorded in the province. Read more.

Many individuals get injured in automobile accidents each year and file a claim with the insurance company. It can often be a challenge, however, to get a fair settlement for the injuries incurred. Read more.

Divorce can be a difficult matter, especially after a challenging separation. Divorce proceedings are often initiated after the couple has been separated for a period of time. If both individuals agree to the divorce and have resolved any issues at hand, such as child custody, the divorce may proceed uncontested. Read more.

Many car accidents and car accident claims occur in Newfoundland and Labrador each year. To protect road users, vehicle owners in the province are required by law to buy a mandatory amount of insurance coverage. Read more.

If you purchased optional accident benefits, our lawyers who specialize in car accident claims can assist you in accessing them right away. If you need physiotherapy for your injuries, for example, our law firm in Newfoundland and Labrador can submit the necessary claim forms for the payments to start immediately. Read more.

Car accidents can happen in a matter of seconds. One moment, you are driving along and the next moment, you are at a standstill, in agonizing pain, trying to piece together what just happened. Read more.

For many separated families, making child custody arrangements is emotionally difficult. Parents may have different views about the best interests of their child. Read more.